Pakistan Will Not Pack It In Says, PM

There are pessimists –or realists– depending on how one interprets events in Pakistan and Afghanistan who actually believe things are not getting better. Prime Minister David Cameron, in a recent speech in India, blasted the Pakistan government, and its secret agency, the ISI, for working WITH the Taliban rather than against them. His words shocked many in Islamabad who believe their government is doing everything possible and resents attacks on its beloved ISI. President Asif Zardari responded to Cameron’s remarks by arguing that while, “the international community to which Pakistan belongs is losing the war against the Taliban, ” but anyone who expresses agrees with his views by expressing doubts and fears about our determination” to defeat terrorists is simply helping the enemy. David Cameron repeated his statement of concern as to whether the ISI was on our or that of the Taliban.

Zardari is absolutely right, we are losing the war against the Taliban. Cameron is absolutely right, the ISI is on the wrong side in this war. So, what to do? How about getting the ISI on the fight AGAINST the Taliban? If they did so, we might actually have improved chances for success.