Pakistan Women Rights Violated In Brutal Manner

The American press reports about current efforts to create a stable democratic government in Pakistan even as squabbling and arguing over power makes a mockery of the democratic process. However, there is less reporting about continued abuse of Pakistan women in this supposedly “democratic nation.” Naseerabad police this week arrested seven suspects who are charged with killing three girls and two women who helped them to marry men who were not the choice of their fathers. The girls were shot and buried alive. The fathers of the three girls and brothers are among those arrested in this latest example of “honor killings.”

An adviser to the Interior minister said an investigation has been ordered into the killings. “We want facts. This isn’t a European society. We’re a different society, but violence against women cannot be tolerated either in the name of culture or religion.” The Women’s Action forum demanded immediate action. “Are Pakistani women not human beings? The government needs to provide immediate answers and to take urgent action.”

More than 4,000 women have been killed in Pakistan in recent years, most of them occurring in rural areas of the nation. Pakistan male leaders argue over the spoils of politics while Pakistani women are subjected to medieval minded men.