Pakistani Analyzes US Role In Pakistan

Humanaira Awais Shahid, writing in the Pakistan Post, asserts the United States has played a key role in his nation’s foreign policy over the past decade. He notes the Amereican stance on reinstatement of judges ousted by President Musharraf “has been ambivalent,” which may arise from “political uncertainty” in the Bush administration about policies to pursue given the new dynamic created by the emergence of a strong political alliance to counter the power of President Musharraf. “US policy makers forsee a confident working relationship with PPP(Pakistan People’s Party) and understand the party’s mindset.”

He believes American officials for years regarded President Musharraf as their key ally in Pakistan but now forsee “the role of Musharraf in Pakistani politics will fade away in due course.” In place of Musharraf American policy makers will shift their efforts to create a woking relationship with the new configuration of politcal parties led by the PPP.