Pakistani Woman Shot As She Tried Shooting US Soldiers

The confusing war in Afghanistan never ceases offering unusual encounters between people of varying backgrounds. Last month, Aafia Siddiqui, an MIT educated Pakistani woman was caught in Afghanistan carrying formulas for making bombs and maps of potential targets in the United States. She was stopped outside a government building in Ghazni province and when her handbag was searched the incriminating evidence was uncovered. At this point, the story becomes somewhat bizarre. The American version is FBT agents and US military officers were questioning her when Siddiqui grabbed a rifle and tried shooting the Americans but her hand was hit which prevented any of the bullets finding a target. She supposedly yelled in English, “that she wanted to kill Americans” before being shot herself. She is now in New York where she faces charges of attempted murder.

Elaine Whitfield Sharp, the family attorney disputes the military version of what happened in Afghanistan and claims US agents held her for years and was tortured. An Afghan official claims the confusion arose when American and Afghan security officers were arguing as to who held jurisdiction over the detained woman.

Ms. Siddiqui received a biolgoy degree from MIT and then wrote a doctoral thesis on neurological sciences while attending the Jewish founded Brandeis University. The story is rather confusing. Unfortunately, it feeds into beliefs of secret Muslim agents in America waiting to carry out attacks.