Pakistanis Refuse To Haul Supplies

The war in Afghanistan has been going on for seven years and from all indications it gets worse year after year. After a series of al-Qaeda raids which have destroyed hundreds of vehicles, many Pakistani drivers are saying enough is enough and are refusing to risk their lives to get supplies to Coalition forces in Afghanistan. Pakistan soldiers have been escorting recent convoys but that apparently is not the type of support the drivers seek given that terrorists have penetrated cities to do their work of destroying supplies.

In itself, this is a minor story about some drivers who refuse to risk their lives to maintain the fighting ability of those fighting in Afghanistan. Perhaps, their refusal is an indication that many Pakistan people see the hand writing on the wall and don’t want to support a failed cause. If the Coalition can not even guarantee safety to those hauling supplies, who can they ensure of peace and protection?

  • Steven Fox

    Pakistan is the major problem, not Iraq.
    It is very unstable and becoming more so every year. They harbor more terrorists than Iran.
    Since I’ve been reading news stories for my site, , I’ve learned so much. Unfortunately people in this country do not like to read to much. We sell alot of books but only to about 10% of the population. Nice site, keep it up!