Pakistanis Stuck In Camps Of No Return

The United States has been urging the Pakistan government to accelerate the war in tribal regions in order to crush the Taliban and al-Qaeda. However, lost in the turmoil caused by this increased fighting is the impact on people living in the region. It is estimated over 300,000 refugees are now living in camps because they fear returning to their homes. They have become refugees in their own nation who live in government organized camps or they beg aid from relatives. Most of the women in this group come from traditional orthodox backgrounds and now find themselves thrust into the modern world of cities and women who act in different ways.

As always in such military operations, things get out of hand due to fear or anxiety on the part of villagers. Most flee and thus villages are left vacant or left without key people who play important roles in the life of the village. Bombings from either side destroy homes or businesses and leave inhabitants without a way to exist.

Of course, none of the above figures into the planning of Pentagon leaders, they are interested in killing militants. The price may well be radicalizing a young generation who will grow up to become militants.