Palestine State Or Palestine Discord?

Negotiations, or what passes for negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and the state of Israel have been on stall for the past several years. An ongoing issue raised by Israeli negotiators is lack of Palestinian leaders who seek peace with their nation, and the inability of Palestinians to prevent violence across border lines. President Abbas of the PA hints the patience of Palestinian leaders may have reached the point of giving up attempts to negotiate peace. He now argues that if Israelis “do not want negotiations, and don’t want an accord, then what are we supposed to do? We have imposed order and security here for the past four years. and things are stable now. There is law and order, the economy is progressing, life is normal everywhere in the West Bank.” The old Israeli lament of refusal on the part of Palestinians is now not applicable. They are present, they want peace, they want to negotiate.

Abbas has reached a point of no return. He hinted if Israel continues refusing to negotiate for an accord that would lead to creation of a Palestinian state, the PA might go to the UN and asked to be recognized as an independent state. The unknown factor is how would Israel react to a UN statement of recognizing a Palestinian state? Would Israeli extremists use that declaration in order to incorporate Jewish areas of the West Bank? No one knows.