Palestinian Authority And Peace

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has unleashed a massive program whose goal is return of the kidnapped teens. The only issue in this matter is: safe return of three teenagers who were kidnapped while hitchhiking on the West Bank. The Israel government insists that Hamas was behind the kidnapping. Most probably, this organization may have played a role. But, even in Gaza there are other terrorist Islamic groups which have refused to cooperate with Hamas on issues of not firing into Israel. Thus, the “possibility” exists that one of these groups is behind the kidnapping. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly expressed his :deep obligation to search for the abducted boys and bring them home peacefully.” In other words, he is offering cooperation, not interfering in the search.

During the search innocent Palestinians have been killed. Naturally, we employ the word, “killed” rather than murdered. Abbas IS cooperating. Instead of building upon this cooperation, Prime Minister Netanyahu is using the lives of children to pursue his foreign policy goals. He wants an end to the unity government. Let me offer arguments in support of a unity government:

1.Once a part of the Palestinian government, Hamas is now bound to uphold any agreement made by that entity.
2. Once IN the government, it is more difficult to stand apart from the government.
3. If Hamas now engages in violence, it, in effect, ends the unity government.

Focus on the children, not on politics.