Palestinian Authority Backs Down On Goldstone Report

There is scant doubt the decision by the Palestinian Authority to back away from endorsing the Goldstone Report or asking the UN to take action on it stemmed from fear it would antagonize Israel authorities and hinder peace efforts. In refusing to endorse the report and support open discussion of its content in the United Nations, President Abbas unleashed a furor within Palestine. Thousands demonstrated in the streets, resolutions were issued denouncing his decision, and in the end, the Palestinian Authority admitted, “we have the courage to admit a mistake.”

The Goldstone Report was not anti-Israel, it was anti-war crimes. It made clear both Hamas and Israel forces had committed acts against the rights of civilians. The aim of the report was making both sides agree to halt actions which threatened the lives of innocent civilians. The UN must discuss this report and work both with Hamas and Israel to ensure the end of acts that endanger civilians.