Palestinian Leader Marwan Barghouti Urges Resistance To Israel

The government of Israel has a unique ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. For over half a century, Israel has complained there were no Arab leaders willing to negotiate for peace and when people like President Abbas arrive on the scene the Israel government does all in its power to marginalize him. Marwan Barghouti, a powerful Palestinian leader who is serving a life term in jail for his role in the jihad of 2000, told the media from his jail cell that it was time to resist Israel in other than simply talk. He urged competing Palestinian factions such as Hamas and Fatah to unite and engage in a unified program of opposing Israel. “Betting on negotiations alone was never our choice. I have always called for a constructive mix of negotiation, resistance, political, diplomatic and popular action.” He called for a popular campaign to oppose West Bank settlements and to get rid of the wall which impairs movement of Palestinians.

So, one day in the near future, Palestinians will take to the street. There will be suicide bombers and innocent Israelis will die. Naturally, the Israel government will blame “terrorists” and tell the world this is what happens when you attempt to negotiate with Palestinians. Of course, nothing will be said by the deliberate campaign of Prime Minister Netanyahu to block meaningful dialogue for peace. In the end, the innocent on both sides die.