Palestinian President Warns Israel!

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned Israel it must cease conducting raids for militants in West Bank cities or he will withdraw his police from all cities and allow the Israelis to inherit one more problem in dealing with Muslim inhabitants. He claimed the constant raids impeded progress toward a resolution of issues on the table of negotiation and emphasized the importance of allowing his police to handle criminal activity. Abbas recently deployed his forced in two of the unruliest towns, Nablus and Jenin, and residents feel safer due to their presence.

Abas has been meeting with Fatah legislators who insist he take action to demonstrate to the population the strength of the Palestinian Authority. In response to these demands, Abbas issued the warning to Israeli officials. Abbas is confronting a series of Israeli actions such as continued building in the West Bank, roadblocks and daily incursion into Palestinian cities by Israeli forces. Either Israel allows Abbas to demonstrate his ability to enforce law and order or the task will be turned back to Israel. Is that what the Israeli government desires?