Palestinian Students Stranded In Gaza

The Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip which ostensibly was designed to halt further terrorist activities is also being employed to harass Palestinian students who are involved in studying at colleges in Egypt, Europe, and the United States. Israeli authorities agreed last week to allow a group of 254 students to leave their semi-imprsonment and enter Egypt so they might go from that nation to their colleges. However, for some unknown reason, only 199 were allowed to proceed onto Egypt while the remaining 55 were forced to remain in Gaza. As of this date, no logical reason has been offered by Israel authorities for the detention of college students who simply want to attend classes from which they have been barred since June of this year.

This is a minor incident in Palestinian-Israel relationships, but it highlights the sometime complex reasoning of Israel authorities on why person “X” is detained instead of person “Y.” The detainees are college students, not terrorists and the manner in which they are treated is bounded to radicalize some of them who undoubtedly are frustrated at their inability to pursue academic careers.

  • mendy

    its funny it seems you forget what gaza is and was just over a year ago….it contained thousands of jewish settlers who were one of the leaders in the world in agriculture development they were employing thousands of arabs and they were paying them fairly since then those community’s were destroyed jews expelled and now hamas who wants to destroy israel and wants no compromise has taken control…..
    but the funny thing is that gazans and the majority of the Palestinians elected hamas and its agenda of terrorist activity’s now they will have to deal with it…..gaza is now considered hostile territory ie:the enemy.
    we dont owe anything to people in gaza no food,jobs,gas even electricity and those students who voted hamas will have to bear the consequences of their acts…
    they were the base for this radical change for the worse by voting in the radicals.

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  • Fred Stopsky

    I believe my comments had to do with college students. As one raised in a socialist Jewish area of the Bronx, New York, we regarded poor people as our brothers and sisters. To regard ALL Gazans as somehow responsible for the actions of a minority, contradicts the Jewish values in which I was raised. You ignore the reason why Palestinians have elected Hamas. Do you hold all Americans responsible for the inept, disjointed, military actions of a president who lacks even a basic grasp of Middle Eastern history? The students simply want to go to college. Even the St. Louis Post Dispatch,(owned by Jews and historically pro-Israel) is confused and shocked by the refusal of Israel to allow a student, attending Southern Illinois U. where he was working for a doctorate in education, to pursue his studies. Perhaps, in your anger at ‘the enemy” you can explain this ridiculous situation. Part of your problem is an inability to accept that Israel sometimes blunders. I have studied in Israel, and worked in Holocaust education for years. I support Israel and best do so by urging the nation to focus on peace– it is the ONLY hope for the future.