Palestinians Can Gain From Israel Confusion

Among the tragedies of the Palestinian fight for an independent nation is the incompetent leaders who have guided the process to utter disaster. James Zogby, writing in Al-Ahram, argues Arabs can take advantage of the current confusion within Israel to gain political advantages for their own cause. The Israel government is divided and unable to organize any coherent political organization that might lead the nation. Ultra nationalist religious fanatics seek to transform what was once a secular state into one ruled by those who claim to be in direct contact with the Torah and God. Right wing parties control 65 seats in the Knesset which enables them to block any move toward a compromise peace. Benjamin Netanyahu understands the world of Washington politics which means Barack Obama must push for a compromise that Israeli right wingers do not wish to accept.

In this situation, it is clear Palestinians have everything to gain by presenting themselves as moderates in search of a compromise solution. This approach would compel Obama and Hillary Clinton to take their side and effectively isolate Israel from the support of either the United States or the European Union. If Hamas would announce its acceptance of the state of Israel and if Abbas would announce his willingness to compromise on the issue of refugee return, Israel is effectively boxed in and without outside allies. Can Palestinian leaders for once act with intelligence? That is the question.