Palestinians Evicted From Homes

I was born into a world in which Jews were not only persecuted,but murdered for being a Jew. Little did I ever dream there would come a time when Jews oppressed those without power. In Israel, the Court Of High(I think you mean, Low) Justice ruled the Israel government could demolish eight unauthorized Palestinian villages and make people seek another place to live.  Naturally, the IDF  claimed they needed the area for a firing zone.

Strange,but I never read about the IDF requiring areas on the West Bank whose inhabitants are Jews that are needed for firing zones. I understand the IDF and right wing Israel Jews(and their cohorts in America) raise the specter of  “security.” At this point in time, there is no hope of any American president having the guts to stand up to Netanyahu and his fellow non-Jews.

To be a Jew is to stand for equal rights for all humans. A cliche, a trite remark to those who are tough minded and argue that Jews must care for fellow Jews before being worried about non-Jews. As a Jew it is impossible for me to be a Jew if the price is oppression of the innocent.

These villagers are NOT terrorist, just decent folk trying to care for the land.