Palestinians Fight One Another Creating Chaos In Region

The history of Palestinian efforts to achieve peace with Israel has continually been hampered by a lack of coordination and cooperation among Palestinian factions. Last year, Hamas took over control of the Gaza Strip and ousted Fatah leaders from power. Hamas has been governing an area in which there still remain angry and bitter members of Fatah. Over the weekend, after a bombing killed five Hamas soldiers, Hamas launched an attack on Fatah leaders which resulted in 180 fleeing to the protection of Israeli forces. According to Israel sources, President Abbas, who heads the Fatah led Palestinian Authority, asked that 30 of his supporters be allowed to return to Gaza. Once they stepped foot in Gaza, all thirty were arrested. Some of those wounded in the Hamas attack, insist they had no connection with the bombings and their homes were burned and they were forced to flee for their lives.

A major difficulty in reaching any sort of agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is instability between rival factions of the Arab movement. As time passes, there is increasing sectarian conflict among Arabs, and no progress towards peace with Israel.