Palestinians Hail Child Murderer!

The writer of this blog supports the right of Palestinians for a homeland as well as for a future in which people of Palestine and Israel live in peace. One of the tragedies of Palestinians in their struggle for independence is transforming thugs and murderers into national heroes. Israel and Hezbollah completed the the prisoner swap which witnessed the return of the bodies of two members of Israel Defense Force soldiers while Israel handed over the two bit thug and murderer Samir Kuntar. Mr. Kuntar killed an innocent Israeli civilian and then bashed in the head of a baby–an action hailed by many Palestinians as heroic! This “brave”man never uttered a word of reflective concern about his behavior other than to promise “my people and dear ones in Palestine that I and my dear comrades in the valiant Islamic resistance are returning.”

Now that the exchange has taken place, Israel is waiting for further Hezbollah action along its border with Lebanon. A Kuwait newspaper last week reported Hezbollah has new sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles hidden in the mountains in central Lebanon which might be used against Israel planes.

The war continues between Hezbollah and Israel. How many more innocent Arab and Israeli children must die in this struggle over power?