Palestinians March At Gaza

An expectd 40,000 Palestinians living in Gaza are marching along Gaza Strip’s border in protest of Israel’s economic embargo on the coastal territory. The head of the Palestinian Popular Anti-Siege Committee, Jamall al-Khudary said: “We do not have intentions of approaching the fence, either in the north or south. We hope all the participants will abide by the nstruction and we will try to prevent any violations. He emphazied there would not be any attempt to confront members of the Israel Defense Force. Mot of the marchers are women and children.

A source in Jerualsam said the IDF would repsonse if shooting breaks out. On Sunday, two Kassam rockets wree fired, one landed in Israel and one in Palestinian territory. The IDF uncovered five tunnels being used to funnel supplies into Gaza.

It might be beneficial next week to have two demonstrations in Gaza. One conducted by Israelis to protest the continued economic embargo and one conducted by Gazans against sites where Kassam rockets are being fired. These rallies would call attention to problems being faced by Gazans and Israelis.