Palestinians Modern “Jews”

I am of Russian and Polish Jewish heritage. My father in Russia could not go to many cities like Moscow for an education and my mother was raised in Poland where Jewish college students sat in the back of the room.  In America, Jews could not live in certain areas of cities, only a certain number could attend private colleges and many occupations either did not hire or had “Jewish quotas.” I understand the meaning of denying people the right to travel where they desire, to occupy their own land without fear of it being seized and the right to sit on a bus and be treated just like anyone else.

Unfortunately, there are people in the state of Israel who call themselves, “Jews.” Frankly, I am baffled why they term themselves Jews when their behavior is that of bigots who denied Jews equal rights. Oh, I forgot. Palestinians are “terrorists” who insist on sitting on a bus just like Jews. Oh, I forgot when Christian Americans believed Jews were gangsters, con artists, and cheated one and all. Who would want such people living in a decent God fearing Christian neighborhood? Let’s segregate these animals into a nice ghetto.

A group of Palestinian and Jewish Freedom Riders boarded a bus for Jerusalem that ordinarily only carries Bigots from the West Bank. Jewish settlers can ride the bus, but  Palestinians need permits. Jewish settlers can go anywhere they damn please because they are JEWS– or it it because they are CHRISTIANS! the police removed Freedom Riders because Israeli Jews can not stand the odor or those filthy Palestinians. As one Palestinian said: “we’re part of the common human history of struggling for freedom.”

Gee, those Palestinians remind me of Jews I knew from my childhood  who resented being segregated. But, that was then, and now we have people in Israel who pose at being JEWS!

  • V T

    Damn don’t sugar coat anything do you!

  • Fred Stopsky

    I was raised as an East European Jew whose parents were subjected to hatred and discrimination and my father was nearly shot in Russia because he was a Jew. Israel discrimination against Palestinians is NOT how Jews should behave!