Palestinians Say Israel Not Serious About Peace

A senior official in the Palestinian Authority told the Arab newspaper, Al Quds, that “final status talks between the Israel and Palestinian negotiating teams have reached a standstill due to Israel stubborness.” He feared Israel was not demonstrating sufficient flexibility and blamed it partially on the weak bargaining position of Israel Foreign Minister Livni. He noted: “Livni appears like someone who is incapable of taking any stance since she is worried about facing a backlash from government ministers who oppose the negotiations.” The Palestinian Authority Minister for Prisoner Affairs chimed in with complaints about blockades, checkpoints, and continuing settlements on the West Bank as factors hindering reaching any type of peace settlement.

Ironically, in Gaza, Hamas is now issuing warnings to Egypt and threatening to kidnap Egyptian soldiers unless their prisoners are relased by Egyptian authorities. Kassam rockets continue landing in Israel and it is merely a matter of time before the IDf invades Gaza. It is time for an international Muslim army to be sent into Gaza in order to restore peace. That, together with an Israel end of blockades, would allow Gaza to attempt an economic recovery. A Turkish-Moroccan armed force would be able to deal with Hamas in ways far different than faced by the IDF.

A second need is for someone of status to become part of the discussions between Israel and the PA. We suggest someone like Nelson Mandela who has experience in dealing with complex issues in which both parties harbor emotional anger.