Palestinians–We Don’t Trust Anyone!

New surveys of Palestinian attitudes toward their leaders revealed deep seated mistrust of either Hamas or Fatah. Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah organization received the endorsement of 39% of Palestinians, down from the 46% who had that feeling in November. Only 16% had a favorable attitude toward Hamas and as far as 41% think, a plague on both your houses! There is widespread dissatisfaction with leadership in Palestine and people are seeking honest government that will address their needs rather than play to the grandstand of rhetoric. A majority of those surveyed supported peace moves, but, they simply did not trust the current crop of leaders to actually make peace happen.

The Hamas figure is interesting, given that it probably was influenced by Israel bombings in Gaza. Most probably close to 12% of Palestinians actually endorse Hamas as an effective leadership group. The tragedy of the Palestinian movement from day one has been its inability to bring forth a statesman who could bring together divergent factions and work on a genuine compromise solution with Israel. Instead, Palestinians have been led by the corrupt and incompetent Arafat and today by an ineffective Abbas. Is there anyone around who can step up and exert effective leadership?

  • journeyer58

    There will someday be those who will lead both Israel and Palestine into peace, just not today. With all three sides of this atrocity, hurling accusations and bombs at the other, it is a wonder that more are not dead and injured from this conflict. If, there is to be a lasting and meaningful peace accord, there must be a new generation of leaders on all sides of this conflict, that are willing to trust enough to lay down arms and take up the cause of peace. Until then, more of the same, infighting between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, in Israel those who know that the apartheid created by the current leaders of Israel, will only hurt the cause of peace. An end is certainly in sight but just not yet, not until the fighters of yesteryear give up the ghost and new leaders take the reins of power.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I agree with the essence of what you express. Both sides do need a new generation of leaders– desperately. Both sides have made mistakes and both have blundered. It is time for a new beginning.