Palin And Biden–What Happened?

The debate is over and initial reports suggest not much changed as a result of ninety minutes of talking past one another. A CNN poll indicates Biden was judged the winner by a vote of 51% to 36% for Palin. Most reports from CNN indicate the average McCain supporter remained one as did the average Obama supporter. Palin’s folksy, cute approach to politics apparently pleased some but annoyed many others who want some substance and are tired of her fluff.

There is no question Sarah Palin simply lacks knowledge about foreign affairs and domestic policy. She claims to be an expert on energy and her main comment was “drill, baby,drill” as though somehow that would solve our problems. I continually hear from Republican analysts that Palin is a “fresh new voice” but no one ever cites exactly what she is saying. Can anyone who supports Palin explain her energy policy? Biden is accused of “being a politician.” For some reason, we have elections in which people who are termed, “politicians” run against other politicians. This means Palin and McCain are as much a politician as any other one who serves in Congress.

Inheent in teh Plain candidacy is a theme running through some Americans that suggests voters want “someone just like me.” I doubt if the average American wants Joe down the block or Mary who lives across the street to be placed in charge of solving complex economic and foreign policy issues. McCain has become the “unhappy warrior” who is angry the nation is going through a crisis just to interfere with his campaign. He will be remembered as Mr. Flip Flop who believes something at 8:00 a.m. and another thing at noon.

Sarah Palin was the wrong choice. One suspects if McCain had been wise and thought about what was needed in America he might have selected someone like Mayor Bloomberg.