Palin, Beck, Giuliani, Fox News Succeed-Hate Attack!!

Ahmed Sharif picked up the passenger near Times Square, looked at the clock and noticed he had a few more hours to make money, and then home to the wife and four kids. The passenger appeared pleasant as he asked Ahmed about observing Ramadan and fasting. They exchanged a few words when suddenly, the 21 year old man became furious, and began shouting, “Assallamu Aliakum Consider this a checkpoint,” and then drew out a knife and slashed Mr. Shairf from nose to lip while his words of hate and violence raged on and on. The police finally arrived and arrested Michael Enright, who attends the School of Visual Arts and had just returned from Afghanistan where he worked on a film project. Ironically, he had previously worked with groups urging religious tolerance. Mr. Sharif told the media: “I have been here more than 25 years. My four kids were born here. I never feel this hopeless and insecure before.”

Why did Michael Enright, a young man who previously had worked for religious tolerance turn around and initiate a hate crime? He most probably has been watching Fox News with its non-stop diatribes against Muslims, it continual attempts to link American Muslims with a handful of Saudi terrorists, and after images of shouting, hateful men and women fill the TV screen, something clicked in the mind of Enright. He turned from being a quiet man to a man bent on hateful revenge.

Fox News, Palin, Beck, and the entire crowd of haters have gained a new follower. Of course, somewhere in Afghanistan, a young Muslim man watched Fox News hate and decides to take revenge. Unfortunately, his revenge will not be on Palin or Beck or Giulinai or the entire crowd of smug, vicious hate mongers. His revenge will be upon an American soldier somewhere in Afghanistan.