Palin Complains About Her Life And Neighbor

Sarah Palin is upset. No,it is not about cynical remarks from the media concerning her hypocritical attitude toward family values or her ongoing lies about President Obama. She is upset because a reporter, Joe McGinniss, rented a house next door and can see into her front yard. Yes, every day more American soldiers die in Afghanistan, yes, every day, dozens of innocent people are blown up in Iraq, but Ms. Palin is upset because a reporter lives next door. His presence has caused her family to change “our behavior” and they avoid the front yard. Ms. Palin has no problem with thousands of people coming to hear her speak, she has no problem with receiving millions of dollars from the sale of her books, but she is outraged that a writer lives next door! This is a woman who cannot make a speech without sinking and blurting out lies concerning the president of the United States, but she believes her rights are violated.

As far as anyone can tell, beyond her husband going to the house of McGinniss to shout and curse him, no one has bothered Her Highness, Queen of the nation of Idiocy. Get a life, Ms. Palin. As former president Harry Truman used to put it, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”