Palin Greater Super Person Than Chinese Monk!

A Chinese Taoist monk who claimed to possess super powers was exposed as a fraud, and we assume next on the agenda are some Republican leaders such as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck as well as the entire Fox News staff. Li Yi, a 41 year old Taoist monk who sold his blather for about $2,000 a week claimed he could withstand 220 volts of electricity and sit cross legged under water for over two hours. It turns out his feet were in a box and the electricity was certainly not 220 volts. After reading about him, it became clear we in America also have “super power” monks even though they go under names such as “TV personality” or “failed politician.” Li Yi can handle 220 volts. OK, let him try matching the super powers of Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck: they can reduce taxes which means less money is available to the Federal government and at the same time they can reduce the national debt! They can end Medicare and social security and provide for the needs of the elderly by encouraging charities to help the elderly.

Li Yi, take a crack at surpassing the super powers of those on Fox News who claim a Saudi Arabian wealthy man is a supporter of terrorism at the same time he has a large investment in Fox News.