Palin In Wasilla, Alaska

Tim Harper of the Toronto Star has been in Wasilla, Alaska tracking down information on the real Sarah Palin. Following are some of the stories he discovered in talking with people in the town:

1. The librarian at the time Palin took office said within days after becoming mayor, Ms. Palin inquired about censorship and how one would handle pickets. She was told the ACLU would get involved. Palin talked about this topic in the days following her assuming the mayor position.
2. Former Governor Tony Knowles says Palin was the only mayor in Alaska who made rape victims pay for their own medical exams.
3. She dissolved the group working on drunk driving and allowed bars to stay open later
4. On day 120 of her administration there was talk of a recall movement.
5. One by one any city official who had backed the previous mayor was fired.
6. She tried to move a museum claiming it was not making money.
7. Local newspaper, The Frontiersman, referred to her administration as “Welcome to Kingdom Palin.”

  • fashionplate

    Judt foolin’ around on teh Intertubes. Impudent Fred, we sure were lucky that this pathetic P.O.S. , along w/ McCain, were defeated in 2008.