Palin Loses To Sheen

News is not to good for the former governor of Alaska since she did not come across too well in the Ridiculous Poll. Independents were asked to choose between Charlie Sheen and Sarah Palin and while 41% liked the wild man from Hollywood, only 36% regarded the pious, pontificating, person from the wilds of Alaska. Come to think about it, Charlie makes a lot more sense in his foreign policy views than a woman who has difficulty knowing the location of Russia. After considerable reflection, the thought of Charlie in the White House does have some attractions. After all, put him in a room with Gaddafi, and the poor man from Libya would exit agreeing to give democracy to the entire world. After all, when it comes to the Mad Man poll, who could surpass Charlie/

Oh, the good news is that Sarah is going to Israel in order to clear up American foreign policy toward the Middle East. I assume Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will receive the Shiksa of Alaska with open arms and invite her to carry her gun to the West Bank for a session shooting Palestinians.