Palin-McCain Lies And Distortions

It is always fascinating to listen to Sarah Palin or John McCain explain the ideas of Barack Obama to the American people. If George Orwell was alive today, he would be delighted at McPalinism. Let’s examine their analysis of what Obama wants for America.

1. Both insist a Democratic president and a Democratic Congress will result in growth of government, and roaring deficits in the budget. In 2001, President Bush and his Republican Congress were given a Clinton budget which had a surplus that was to be used to help pay down the $5 trillion national debt. In the ensuing years of Republican control of Congress and the presidency,(John McCain’s party) every year witnessed a huge deficit–today it approaching $500 billion for the year– and the national debt has grown to $11 trillion. So, how could any Democratic Congress match this “conservative” approach to fiscal management?
2. McPhalinism claims Democrats will increase the size and scope of government. Are they serious! Government has grown in size under Republican rule and liberties of Americans have been eroded.
3. McPalnism claims Obama wants to “raise taxes.”Actually, what he said was there must be an end to the huge Bush tax cuts which benefited the wealthy and added to the growth in our national debt.
4. McPalinism rants and raves about Barack Obama being a pal of terrorists. Senator John McCain was a close associate of the banker, Keating, who caused huge losses for the government, and McCain was issued a “reprimand” by the US Senate. Senator McCain had excellent relations with G. Gordon Liddy or Watergate fame who was sent to jail and in an interview talked about blasting the head off police. Now, as to Bill Ayers. Anyone, who has served on not-for-profit boards sits at meetings with strangers and I doubt if anyone in their right mind ever went around checking on the background of an individual who sits next to you. Yes, Bill Ayers held a fund raising session. Would McCain care to have a check made on the lobbyists who are on his staff.
5. McPalinism claims, particularly Sarah, that Obama has never voted for our troops in Iraq. Actually, he voted over twelve times to fund the troops. The only time he voted against funding was during an effort to get a time limit set in the bill. In this case, Obama was acting like a maverick.

Senator Joe McCarthy, down in Hell, eventually will have two new friends when the two idiots running for the presidency and vice presidency finally end their short time on planet Earth.

  • ven

    their lies and distortions will eventually back fire on them this coming nov 4… or perhaps earlier during today’s debate. I wish though that the real John McCain please stand up. I had hopes for him, but his choice of VP completely destroyed him.