Palin Sinks Even Lower Than Ever!

One wonders if Sarah Palin has the slightest ability to put aside her own quest for money, but her latest comment on the topic of children working on farms simply once again proves this woman only respects the dollar bill. The Department of Labor was preparing some common sense regulations which would ONLY cover children who were employed on a farm payroll. The regulations would have prevented them for using certain heavy machines, working in grain silos or with tobacco. These regulations specifically made clear DID not apply to family farms. Perhaps, there are family farms which place the children on a payroll, but I doubt it.

Palin: “The Obama administration is working on regulations that would prevent children from working on our family farms.” Doesn’t this excuse for a human being understand the regulations would protect children of migrant workers? Sarah Palin is a vile, vulgar and insensitive human. She would not allow her own children to work in a dangerous farm task, but she does not give a damn about children!