Palin–The Right Choice!

Senator John McCain insists that his choice of Sarah Palin for the  vice president    slot on his ticket was the “right choice  at that time.” He described the idiot from Alaska as a needed “catalyst,” and an “energizer.” In one respect, McCain is certainly correct, she was an energizer –for the opposing side, that is. As we reflect on the “right choice,”  several come to mind:

1. Head of Japanese Navy:  “I still think the attack on Pearl Harbor was the right choice at that time.”

2. Adolf Hitler:  “I continue believing attacking Moscow in sub degree weather when our soldiers had fall uniforms was the “right choice at that time.”

3. General Custer: “OK, so I divided my forces and took on thousands of Indians, I still think it “was the right choice at that time” And, furthermore, have you seen those pictures of me firing away as I die?

4. George Bush, “I stand by my belief in believing there were WMD in Iraq, it was the right conclusion  at that time.”

5. Mitt Romney:  “I stand by my choice in supporting state health care for all in Massachusetts, it was the right thought at that time.”