Palin Wants Money-And Lots Of It!

Former governor, former vice president candidate, former beauty queen, former icon of poor and oppressed Americans, Sarah Palin, intends to stand up for those without by ensuring that she winds up with lots of it, money that is. Ms. Palin is pitching a reality TV show, tentatively entitled, “her Alaska,” in which the world will learn about the struggles of moose and deer and polar bears who are simply trying to prove they can make it even though they inhabit the upper climes of the United States of America. Ms. Palin will not take a million less than what she is worth since how many Republicans can pose-fully or not clad– as the champions of those without? After all, if you are without, doesn’t it make sense to get with it and make lots of money– just like those liberal pansies do in Hollywood?

God bless Ms. Palin, and I am certain God up above or down below or wherever He spends his time worrying about Sarah Palin. that this woman will wind up wealthy–the wise part is just not in her future.