Palin Wins Fan–Mitt Romney

The famous or infamous Sarah Palin bus tour which is going around America has at least uncovered a new fan-Mitt Romney the man from Massachusetts who is either for or against you. Mitt told CNN reporter Pier Morgan that Sarah Palin’s escapades has diverted attention from him by focusing on her comments about history and politics. Actually, Mitt does make a point. After all, who would any intelligent person vote for–someone who thinks Paul Revere was warning the British or someone who believes Paul wanted to warn the Americans? Mitt believes, “in a lot of respects it is the best thing that could happen to me.” He is absolutely correct. The last thing Mitt Romney wants is for any voter to know what he supports as policy. He was for abortion rights before he came out against them. He was a supporter of gun control before discovering such views lost votes among NRA members. And, of course, he supported government health care before concluding any such ideas would be disastrous for someone seeking the Republican nomination for president.

The only hope of Mitt Romney is for the nation not to have a clue as to what he believes in or what he thinks. If one is for both sides of an issue, it means one has a chance to gain the votes of those on either side of an issue. Mitt goes to bed each night praying that Sarah makes another comment on American or world affairs. Mitt wants America to know that he CAN NOT see England from his kitchen window!

  • Peter

    Liberals fear that Romney will be able to make a strong case against re-electing President Obama!