Palin’s Mouth Roars Nonsense

Sarah Palin ordinarily portrays herself as courageous and able to stand up against forces threatening the United States. She enjoys demeaning those who disagree with her perspective on life, and none more than President Obama. She blasted him for lacking the courage to “defend American borders” against the hordes of immigrants that pour over it on a daily basis. “jan Brewer(Governor of Arizona) had the cajones to look out for all Americans,, not just for Arizonans, but all Americans.” She accused the president of failing to carry out the laws of this nation. “If our own President will not enforce our federal law, more power to Jan Brewer.”


Over 95% of illegal immigrants in this country arrived her during the administrations of former presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush.

President Obama has dispatched members of the National Guard for duty on the border.

Critics like Palin charge Obama with responsibility for our rising national debt. George Bush, II, inherited a budget surplus from Clinton and a national debt of $5 trillion. He left office eight years later with a national debt of $11 trillion and a budget over $300 billion in deficit.