It is common for the Tea Party and Republican leaders such as Palin or Bachmann or Romney or Gingrich to decry Democrats as Socialists. They charge Democrats are responsible for our national debt and for demanding high taxes. Well, let’s look at the record:

1. Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, crushed secession and state rights. He took away property of businessmen without compensating them for their former slaves. He pushed through the first income tax. He provided federal money to build the transcontinental railroad.

2. Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to lead the fight against Big Business. He pushed through federal laws to supervise the work place and give workers the right to organize. He ended segregation in the federal government. He wanted the federal government to create a model school system in Washington D.C. He supported taxing the wealthy. OH, and he was for the Income tax and high inheritance axes on the wealthy.

3. Wendell Wilkie ran for president in 1940 and lost to FDR. He supported civil rights legislation and wrote a book entitled: “One World!”
Talk about Socialists!

4. Tom Dewey ran for president in 1944 and 1948. As governor of New York he backed a fair employment practice act which denied businessmen the right to discriminate. As DA he hired the first black district attorneys. And, he fought for social legislation.

5. Dwight Eisenhower backed all New Deal laws. He ordered the army into Arkansas to enforce the end of segregation at Little Rock HS. He avoided war in Vietnam and worked for peace. In his last speech, he warned against the “military-Industrial complex”

6. Richard Nixon enforced affirmative action programs.

7. St. Ronald Reagan inherited a National Debt of $900 Billion and left a National Debt of $2 Trillion. The largest increase in history.Oh, and he raised taxes several times after cutting taxes.

8. George Bush I raised taxes. He also increased the National Debt.

9. And, last but not least, George Bush II, who inherited a national debt of $5 Trillion and left a National Debt of $11 Trillion.

Oh, current Federal tax rate is 14.8% of GDP. Average Federal tax rate since 1945 under either Republican or Democratic presidents was 18%.