Papua Prisoner Bayoneted To Death

A video is circulating on YouTube which depicts a prisoner in Papua who had fled jail, but was captured by police and security forces. He is lying on the ground with his stomach slit wide open. Security forces decided to video their actions for some reason, most probably to offer proof the man was captured and killed. They did not realize in the modern world any and all videos all too often wind up on YouTube. The dead man is Yawan Wayeni, a member of Free Papua Organization. He fled from Senui Penitentiary after being arrested for his activities to free his people from Indonesian rule. According to police, after he escaped they caught him in the jungle when he threatened them with a hand-made gun. He was then shot down. As he lay on the ground, the man yelled, “Freedom Papua.” At some point a security officer slit open his chest.

Organizations that fight for independence are best combated with deeds rather than with bullets.