Paranormal Or Normal In Czech Republic?

Unexplained cracked windows and small fires in a house in Strasice led many people to believe some paranormal force was in action or, perhaps, it was an alien presence which had come to Earth in order to frighten humans. The paranormal police, who are ordinary members of the police force, swung into action and made a serious study of the strange occurrences in the town. Some experts term these unexplainable events a “poltergeist,” or a ghost who manifests itself by moving and influencing objects to move or fires to suddenly erupt. The Mracek family whose house was the scene of these events claimed electric bulbs and thermometers are cracking without any reason.

The paranormal police employed normal investigative procedures and soon discovered the poltergeist was not a ghost. A son in the family confessed to setting fires and cracking windows. At least, Tea Party ranters have not blamed President Obama for this strange occurrence.