Parents Denied Right To Name Child, Adolf!

A New Jersey couple who are in love with Nazi Germany were informed by the state of New Jersey they could not give their children Nazi-inspired names. The government removed three children from the home of Heath and Deborah Campbell. The incident first arose when a supermarket refused to decorate a birthday cake for their son, Adolf Hitler Campbell. A family court investigated the situation and initially determined there was not sufficient evidence children had been physically abused. The question is whether giving them Nazi names will result in emotional abuse when they begin interacting with other children and adults in school. Heath Campbell charged his children were removed because of their names. Court records reveal both parents are unemployed and have unspecified physical and emotional disabilities. Investigators found both parents had been abused in their own childhood and Heath is illiterate.

A note found by investigators that was given by Deborah to a neighbor says, “he thrend to have me killed or kill me hjimself hes already tried it a few times. Im afread that he might hurt my children.”

A sick person by any other name is still a sick person.