Parents Murdered, Son Parties On

Murders occur every day in the year so one more is not a particularly important event. Tyler Hadley lives in Port St. Lucie, Florida and is 17 years old. Sometime the past weekend, an argument ensued between the boy and his parents. The end result was the parents were bludgeoned to death with a hammer. Shortly after disposing of his mother and father, Tyler posed on Facebook that he was having a party and all were invited for some booze and fun. About 60 of his “Friends” showed up, had a great time, and none noticed two dead bodies in the bedroom. Or, perhaps, someone did, because police received a tip that something strange had occurred in the house. They arrived that morning, entered and found the bodies in the bedroom covered with towels and books. Tyler was sleeping the sleep of the innocent.

Tyler Hadley is a seventeen year old boy who dropped out of high school. He belongs to a generation of young boys and girls who drop out of high school or college or a job or whatever. They drop out because they “feel like it.” They drop out because they are “bored.” They drop out because a teacher or someone did not do what they wanted. The real problem in the life of Tyler Hadley is the boy has not idea what he wants or what should occur in his life other than posting on Facebook and having a party.

Tyler Hadley believes he is entitled to do as he desires. Tyler Hadley is the face of millions of young people.