Paris Police Defeat Army Of The Homeless!

As tourists watched on, a police force swept away an attempt to build a Christmas encampment for the homeless on the banks of the Seine river. The tents had been set up opposite the Notre Dame cathedral, but police used gas gas as they charged the homeless defensive position and due to their courage in the face of smells and bad body odor emanating from the Homeless site, the police gained a final victory by making the enemy flee. Tourists booed the heroic efforts of the police, a protestor fell into the Seine, but in the end the homeless were dispersed. The protest group which established tent city– Les Enfants de Don Quichotte(the children of Don Quxiote) claim the government has failed to construct 27,000 new lodgings for homeless people. Founder of the group, film actor, Augustin Legrand, shouted that over 200,000 people were homeless in France. Minister of Housing, Christine Boutin, who supported last year’s protest, condemned tent city and insisted there were sufficient housing for homeless people in France. Pierre Levene, secretary general of Secours Catholique, insists thousands of homeless people lack housing.

There most probably are homeless people in just about every major city in the world. Many factors add into the issue of homeless people, economic factors, social factors, the time of the year, and the willingness of governments to allocate money for those who don’t vote.