Pass For No Jail, Be In Italian Government

It has been claimed that no person who had a million dollars was ever executed for murder. The old adage that businessmen have one law for themselves and another for the rest of humanity. Italy is an example of a nation in which if you possess billions, then go right ahead and steal, ignore the law and proceed with life on your own terms. Silvion Berlusoni is not only the richest man in Italy, he is also its prime minister. He recently appointed one of his stooges, Aldo Brancher to the post of Minister for Federalism and within days Mr. Brancher invoked the “legitimate impediment” law which will allow the prime minister to refuse attending court to deal with charges of banking fraud and laundering of money. According to the law, Berlusconi can assert he is too busy running the government of Italy to bother with such minor issues as to whether he did or did not break a law. As one Italian politician noted: “there are two ways to escape justice in Italy; either become a fugitive or win a seat in the Berlusconi government.”

The sad aspect of this story is behavior of the people of Italy who sanction such men running their government.