Past Brink Of Disaster In Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine has gone from disaster to post disaster as Russian troops have entered the Crime, occupied the Crimea and have surrounded any and all Ukrainian troops that might pose a challenge to their authority. President Putin and Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev has assured the people of the world their actions simply are and attempt to prevent chaos from ensuing for the people of Ukraine. Rear Admiral Boris Berezovsky has resigned and gone over to Russian supporters in the Crimea out of love for his motherland. After resigning, he was fired as head of the Ukrainian navy. Vladimir Putin informed the world, once again, he was attempting to save the world. After all, he saved the people of Syria from terrorists and now seeks to prevent the people of the Crimea from those same terrorists. For some reason, those “terrorists” sort of get around and always wind up being challenged by the bare chested president of Russia.

President Obama has once again issued a “warning.” As far as we know, it is not a red or blue or yellow line. He has informed President Putin that he will not attend the Group of Eight meeting in Sochi nor will he be speaking to the leader of Russia. Senator John McCain is furious at refusal to President Obama to “do something” and has offered his services to man a fighter plane and go blasting away in the Çrimea. Last reports are that Republicans are demanding a Senate hearing to determine if Hillary Clinton “knew about the Russian invasion of the Crimea” and why didn’t she halt it!!

Senator Ted Cruz intends to halt a filibuster dealing with the crisis in the Ukraine.