Past Lives Into Present

Americans so enjoy boasting they have done away with the past and entered a new world in which skin color is not important, after all, we have a black skinned president. However, in Wilcox County in Georgia the good white skinned folk do not intend to end tradition. After all, there ancestors fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War when it was necessary to ensure that white skinned folk had the right to keep as slaves black skinned folk. It is the way God wanted things, just check the Bible if you doubt me. In the year 2013, there will be two Proms this May, one for the white folk, and one for the black folk-the way God wanted it.

Thank God, some modern white and black skinned kids decided it was time to enter the 21st century and have decided to hold a third prom-open to all color skins. Oh well, it is Georgia, sort of takes a few extra years to catch up with the rest of America.