Pastor Deported,Tortured

It is always fascinating how those with money are given opportunities to remain in a country. They are rarely deported because they have money to invest in a nation. Such was not the case for Pastor Jean Kabiudibuidi who is a fierce critic of the Democratic Republic of  Congo and had been in Sweden since 2003 in an effort to avoid returning to a land which was prepared to beat the hell out of him. Without warning to his Swedish supporters, the Swedish Migration Board ordered his immediate deportation. They assured the pastor that fears of being beaten on return home were simply an exaggeration to prevent deportation.

The pastor arrived in the “Democratic” Republic of Congo, was taken to a room where they beat the hell out of the man. “I have been severely tortured and beaten and there are pictures of damagre that will show scars that will remain.” When his Swedish supporters asked police why he was being deported, they reported “security concerns” prevented release of such information. Another example of lacking money and receiving a beating.