Pastor Will Not Burn Quaran!

Pastor Terry Jones secured his fifteen minutes of fame that will last until at least fifteen minutes after midnight of next Sunday. He announced plans to cancel the burning of the Quarn because the head of the Islamic Center in New York City agreed to move the location of the proposed mosque. Frankly, I am furious at caving in to demands of Muslims. First, they won’t let us God-fearing Americans burn the Quaran. Next, they won’t let us take our guns into banks to defend ourselves against terrorists. Next, they won’t let us carry our weapons into schools so they we are prepared to shoot if some Commie-loving Socialist teacher tries to brain-wash the minds of children and we are not in a position to shut his mouth. Of course, the next ban will be upon bringing our rifles to church, after all, Jesus was a hunter who always carried a rifle on his back. Could you imagine Jesus, the rifleman, bowing down to demands of SOCIALISTS who wish to deny our First Amendment right to freedom of speech?

I say burn the Quran, burn the Bible, burn the Torah, and let’s get back to old fashioned American values. Imagine if our Founders were not allowed to kill them damn Indiana! Hell, none of us would be here!