Patriot Act An Act Of Stupidity

I continue reading stories by those who defend the Patriot Act as a weapon in defeating terrorism. Supposedly, if we keep tabs on those “damn Muslims” in America we will prevent future incidents like 9/11. Someone recently argued since there have been no major incidents of terrorism it proves the Patriot Act is working. Of course, there is another possible scenario– there never was or is a threat from American Muslims.

Let’s examine possible ways terrorists in America could cause mayhem and determine how –or if– the Patriot Act could prevent these scenarios.

1. A man or woman enters the NYC subway at rush hour, gets on the subway and pulls a gun and begins firing. There is no way to prevent this possibility.

2. A man or woman enters a Chicago Rapid Transit train wearing a suicide belt and blows self up. No way to prevent this from happening.

3. A man or woman damages a rail causing a train wreck.

4. Ten cars loaded with explosives halt on the George Washington bridge and explode.

I could go on forever with possibilities that could not be prevented by any act of


However, if we examine terrorist actions in schools, one can gather important data.

1. Every case of mass school shooting has been carried out by white middle class Christian boys. There is not a single example of one being carried out by Muslims or Jews.

2. Check out recent mass murders by the Christian white boy in Norway.

3. Check out mass murders by Christian white boys in Germany and Finland.



1. Have the FBI infiltrate the Boys Scouts to find suspicious white boys.

2. Have the FBI visit Christian churches and inquire about suspicious white Christian boys.

3. Have the FBI make midnight raids on suspicious white Christian boys in their homes.

Or, we could lock up the entire white Christian population of the US and thus prevent future school shootings!!