Patriot Act In Operation-Man Smeared By Angry In-Law!

The effects of laws such as the Patriot Act were exemplified in a recent case in which an angry father-in-law told American authorities his son-in-law was a member of al-Qaeda. No sooner had the son-in-law arrived in the United States on a trip when he was pulled aside by armed security guards and taken to questioning where he was grilled about his religious and political views. After the interrogation he was thrown into a cell that he claimed was smeared with blood and excrement. About eleven hours after his ordeal, he was placed on a plane and sent back to Sweden. His father-in-law sent an email to the FBI that said: “He has probable connections to the Swedish branch of the Islamic network Al-Qaeda and is wel were exemplified in the case of a Swedish man whose angry father-in-law informed officials that he was a l known for statements encouraging the Muslim world to take revenge for American terror.” He also said his son-in-law’s attendance at the computer conference which was his destination was merely a cover for his terrorist activities. The father-in-law told Swedish police, “Surely the authorities aren’t that bloody stupid that they believe absolutely everything.”

Sir, you have not been living in Bush America. They will believe anything. In fact, Vice President Cheney still believes there are WMD in Iraq.

  • anon

    this is what we expect in a bush governed USA.

  • sam

    nothing to with a ‘bush’ governed USA. Any other government there will be the same. It’s the dummies that take action on ‘the street’ so to speak that are as thick as two short planks and will believe everything they hear, see, read or imagine!

  • Fred Stopsky

    I don’t believe all governments act in this manner. The FBI has become panic prone which is dangerous if you are trying to capture terrorists.