Patriotism-Last Refuge Of Scoundrels And Republicans

The summer season of politics is alive and well in America as citizens devour hot dogs and hamburgers and wave flags in parades to celebrate the nation’s birth. Senator Barack Obama, is making certain one and all recognize that he is a patriot just like Bush or McCain or Ron Paul or any other of the men and women who have spent the past several months attempting to seize the high ground on patriotism. Obama made certain he stopped in Independence, Missouri, home of Harry Truman where the senator expressed his deep love for America. Unfortunately, he really didn’t grasp the meaning of Harry Truman who was vilified and threatened with impeachment for defending American values and refusing to allow the military to dictate foreign policy.

In the 1950s, Republicans went after Adlai Stevenson, who twice ran for president. He made the outrageous comment that patriotism was about loving America, not hating Russians. In 2004, a genuine war hero experienced the Republican smear campaign which transformed one who fought into the coward while the coward in the White House came across as the all American boy wonder.

Senator Obama does not have to abandon his principles in the name of patriotism. Americans respect a man who stands up for his principles. Catering to the moral majority by espousing faith based initiatives not only will not gain votes, but will result in loss of enthusiasm among his supporters. The way to stand tall for America is fighting for policies that restore economic health, ending a disastrous war, and respecting the intelligence of American voters.