Paul Ryan: Cynical Conservative

Congressman Paul Ryan from the great state of Wisconsin was the running mate of Mitt Romney and fought to gain power in order to lead the United States of America. Mr. Ryan worked hard to obtain stimulus aid for his district and apparently did not believe receiving government assistance violated his conservative principles. However, Paul Ryan together with 66 other Republican congressmen stood fast for their conservative principles and voted against aid to those who were subjected to the horror of Hurricane Sandy. This man who wanted to be the second most important political leader of our nation has absolutely no grasp that our nation comes first, not pork barrel aid to his district.

Ryan simply showed the American people what would have happened to this nation if Mitt Romney had been elected. Former Republican Senator Alfonso D’Amato blasted his fellow Republicans for their narrow minded attitudes and their love of the wealthy who are always in their hearts. Those who suffer are on their own in Republican America.