Paul Ryan On Poverty

Congressman Paul Ryan comes from a hard working middle class family and throughout his life, Paul had contact with important people who helped further his career. Yes, he did work hard, but he always knew that money and personal contacts were available to further his career. It is so pleasant to read his interpretation about poverty in America-from one who never experienced poverty in America. He told Bill Bennett about the “tailspin of culture” which prevents CERTAIN people, whose names will not be revealed to enjoy the luxuries society provides those who are poor. According to Paul, the tailspin of culture in our inner cities prevents in particular men not working” and also results in these men never learning the value of hard work.

Gee, guess who he is discussing. If this was 1910, it would have been those drunken Irish bums or those sneaky Italian and Jewish gangsters, but that was then and now is now. For some reason, those lazy bums can not make it on $7.25 an hour. This work results in obtaining a wonderful $1200 a month. Gee, I can sure raise a family on that sum of money. Now, if anyone dares to suggest those lazy people might earn $1600 a month it means the poor house for the average CEO.

Paul Ryan is a bigot. Period