Paul Ryan Protects America

Paul Ryan  ran for the office of vice president of the United States of America which implies that he was concerned about all Americans rather than those with wealth. The words just written, of course, make no sense to any follower of American politics. Mitt and he did not do as well as desired, and one might think this would  cause a moment for reflection. Sorry, this is Paul Ryan and the only reflection he can consider is through the lens of those with lots of dough.

Paul is surprised because he “thought we had a very good chance of winning it.” He regards the main reason for defeat at the hands of those in urban areas who came out to vote. After all, he and fellow Republicans did their best to prevent Democrats  from voting, but the damned fools went ahead and voted. The bottom line for Paul and Mitt and Rick and Rick and Sarah is that a party which regards a top tax rate of 39% as putting “our successful small business.. out of business” lacks any sense of history.

Paul, the top rate under Communist President Eisenhower was 90%. The top rate under Socialist Richard Nixon was 70% and things boomed!