Paul Wolfowitz Censored Climate Reports

The Independent reports that while head of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz carried out ideas of George Bush regarding down grading any reports that might indicate there was a global warming crisis. In 2006, a report was prepared in response to a request by the Group of 8 industrial nations which led to a report describing global warming. Wolfowitz censored the report to down grade the looming threat. This story is consistent with a recent Time magazine report describing how Bush officials and Congressional Republicans have received enormous sums of money from oil interests and have cooperated to persuade the American public that global warming was not a threat.

The stories continue coming out of Bush policies to refuse allowing any government agency to base its conclusions on scientific evidence and to instead rely on handouts from oil interests when it came to issues of global warming. A constant theme is that “scientific evidence” was divided. The only thing divided was the money being handed out to the Republican party.